Best Deals Near Me!

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October 16, 2015
October 16, 2015

Best Deals Near Me!

  • ClientRob Butler

This app will help local shops and retailers attract more people to their shops by sending a push notification to their phone when they enter the shopping mall that the shop is in, or within 100 meters of their shop.

Using geofencing, the shops will be able to send offers or bargains to these people, which we would possibly cap at 2-3 messages per shop, per week to one person. The app is available world wide, so agents or shops can sign up.

Technical Specification

  • Platform: Android/iPhone
  • Requires Android Version: 2.3 and upper version
  • Requires iOS Version: iOS 6, 7&8
  • Web Service Language: PHP
  • Data Transport Method: REST + JSON
  • Back End DB: My Sql
  • Google Map v2: Yes
  • GCM Push Notifications: Yes
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