Pre & On-demand Ride Booking App

Ride Sharing Application
October 15, 2015
Book Your Ride
October 15, 2015

Pre & On-demand Ride Booking App

Free way to see the location of taxis on the map, Send request to call any taxi. Rate your driver out of 5 stars. lets taxi drivers and passengers connect directly by using their smart-phones. Book your ride pre or post.

  • Passenger Services
    • See the available taxis in your area as they drive around with real time movements.
    • Tap the Send Request button to call one, it’s easy, awesome and free.
    • Know when your taxi will arrive and see its arriving movements on the map.
    • Call your taxi driver directly.
    • Pay for completed ride from app.
    • Rate your driver out of 5 stars.
  • Driver Services
    • Get passenger Request and Accept or Deny it.
    • Get the passenger destination for pickup and execute the ride.
    • Get Payment by service on his added account.

Technical Specification

  • Platform: Android/iPhone
  • Requires Android Version: 2.3 and upper version
  • Requires iOS Version: iOS 6, 7&8
  • Web Service Language: PHP
  • Data Transport Method: REST + JSON
  • Back End DB: My Sql
  • Local Database: NA
  • Google Map v2: Yes
  • GCM Push Notifications: Yes
  • Chat(IM): Yes