Dating and Paddy Cab Booking App

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April 8, 2015

Dating and Paddy Cab Booking App


Transportation Services and Dating Service in a single app!

  • Passenger Services
    • Find cabs near you.
    • Locate free cabs near you.
    • Schedule ride request for now or later.
    • Track your driver with live updated location on arrival.
    • Live chat with your driver.
    • Pay for your ride by using credit card or cash.
  • Dating Services
    • Set your search preferences to find new friends.
    • Enter into the Hotspot to find matched users with your search preference.
    • Send friend request to matched users.
    • Chat with your friends any time.
    • Send ride request to your friend and take a cab ride with your friend.
  • Driver Services
    • Set working status as available or busy.
    • Get and accept passenger request for ride.
    • Execute the accepted ride process.
    • See all current open rides and past rides.
    • Get earned amount direct deposit into bank account and see weekly earnings report.

Technical Specification
    • Platform: Android/iPhone
    • Requires Android Version: 2.3 and upper version
    • Requires iOS Version: iOS 6, 7&8
    • Web Service Language: PHP
    • Data Transport Method: REST + JSON
    • Back End DB: My Sql
    • Local Database: NA
    • Google Map v2: Yes
    • GCM Push Notifications: Yes
    • Chat(IM): Yes
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