Mobile App Development

Sizably voluminous Mystification which platform to utilize Android, iOS, Windows, Cross Platform if you optate perfect solution according to market, revenue, clients then we offer some facts about the current situation on the mobile market.

Android ranked as the top smartphone platform in March with 52.4 percent market share, followed by Apple with 42.6 percent. Also, Android apps wins in download and beats then iOS but when we talk about revenue then iOS wins as compared to Android, Windows, Blackberry.

So, we suggest our clients to go for development of both the apps Android, iOS. By the current market scenario you need both the users and revenue. So, Android means users in bulk, iOS means revenue.

What we do?

Build cross platform apps using different frameworks: Phone Gap (Cordova), Javascript ,Jquery, Node.js, Angular.js, Meteor.js, HTML5, CSS3,
What development process we follow?
Every applications developed at Ideal IT Techno undergoes the imperforate software development cycle, which includes –
Analysis of Requirement - Our expert team of developers first check the feasibility of your idea form technical aspects and validate your idea, provides suggestions and best approach in transforming your visualization into authenticity. We follow seamless process at every step as we know most of our client comes only with idea.
Building the architecture of a software product - Once features are finalized we prepare project plan, module breakup, milestones sheet, wireframe, app flow diagram so client can get exact visualization of their product.This step helps us to identify challenges that may occur at later stage and identify scope of future enhancements. This the last stage before actual development starts.
User interface (UI) design - We have expert team of Graphic designers for UI/UX and will provide you the best quality designs and once everything is confirmed we design the final screens by considering each parameter and provide trendy look and feel also send to client for their confirmation so they can recommend their taste and further we can start technical implementations.
Deployment and product support :
We are expertise in publishing app on Google Play and App Store as per client needs. Also, our apps are selected as featured app on App Store. Provide full support and maintenance throughout the development. Every stage presupposes cooperative work with the Client and high quality of the software development services.
We completely follow agile development approach where we regularly send you prototypes for your approval and keep you updated about the status of development on daily/weekly basis as you require. During development we take care that our developed apps are highly optimized, scalable, give best performance including-navigation, views, intents, Slate Database, information distribution etc.

Testing and verification :
We have top - notch team of developer working on varied platform and product developed at Ideal IT Techno is a perfect combination of latest technologies and ready to stand in the competitive world.
Product developed at Ideal IT Techno undergoes rigorous process of testing and verification an application we develop is error free and as per your expectations.